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Title: Damian Lillard Discloses Prank Pulled on Him by Raptors’ OG Anunoby

In surprising news, Portland Trail Blazers’ star guard, Damian Lillard, revealed a recent prank played on him by Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby. The incident, which caused confusion and anxiety for Lillard, left him relieved that he had not actually been traded to the Canadian team.

Lillard shared that he received a text message from Anunoby with the words, “Welcome to Toronto.” The unexpected message instantly raised concerns for Lillard, given the recent buzz around the Raptors’ interest in acquiring him. Reports had surfaced suggesting that Toronto was a front-runner, despite Lillard’s preference for the Miami Heat.

Uncertain about his future, Lillard reached out to Anunoby, seeking clarification on the matter. It was only during their conversation that Lillard discovered the text was, in fact, a prank. While initially bewildering, the practical joke brought a wave of relief to the star player. Lillard’s agent had assured him that no trade was imminent, but the prank had momentarily caused doubt.

Interestingly, Lillard expressed his satisfaction in remaining with the Portland Trail Blazers, debunking earlier reports suggesting Toronto as his preferred destination. He further emphasized his excitement in joining the Milwaukee Bucks, a team with strong championship aspirations.

Lillard’s reaction to the prank may indicate that a potential trade to the Raptors would not have aligned with his expectations. Considering Toronto’s recent struggles and uncertain future prospects, Lillard’s contentment with his current team’s championship potential seems evident.

As the news spread across NBA circles, fans and analysts took to social media, sharing their amusement at Anunoby’s prank. While pranks and jokes are not out of the ordinary in the league, this incident provided some light-hearted entertainment amidst the ongoing trade speculations surrounding Lillard.

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Ultimately, this prank revealed Lillard’s unwavering commitment to the Trail Blazers and cemented his desire to compete for an NBA title with a team that he believes can achieve greatness. For now, Lillard remains focused on leading the Blazers to success, refuting any trade rumors as mere distractions in his quest for professional excellence.

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