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Press Stories – Daily Horoscope: Poor Day for Decision-Making and Financial Matters
March 22nd, 2022

Today, according to astrology, is not the best day to be making important decisions regarding shared property, inheritances, taxes, debt, and anything owned jointly with someone else. The planetary alignment suggests confusion and exaggerated thinking, making it wise to postpone these matters for a more opportune time.

Similarly, decision-making concerning romantic relationships, partnerships, and matters concerning children should also be postponed. It seems that a fog of confusion and wishful thinking has descended upon these areas, making it difficult to see things clearly.

Furthermore, decisions concerning family, home repairs, and educational matters should also be approached with caution. Wishful thinking seems to be clouding logical analysis, potentially leading to regrets further down the line.

Financial matters should be handled with care today, as enthusiastic impulses and wishful thinking can create problems. Going overboard with spending on kids, social outings, and other financial matters might not be wise at this time.

Important financial decisions, such as those involving wealth, assets, belongings, and resources, should be postponed. The presence of confusion and possible deceit in the air suggests that it is best to proceed with caution when it comes to these matters.

Likewise, decisions about education, travel, and legal matters should be avoided or approached with extreme caution. It is easy to feel discouraged and to avoid confrontation during this time, making it essential to tread carefully.

In dealings with friends or group members, confusion is also present. Enthusiastic impulses might lead to regrettable decisions, so it is wise to take a step back and assess the situation more objectively before making any commitments.

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Discussions with parents and bosses might be frustrating today, as it can be challenging to assert oneself and protect one’s own best interests. It may be helpful to remain patient and seek alternative solutions to conflicts that may arise.

Lending money or anything else is not recommended today, as people may have fuzzy thinking and impractical assumptions. It is better to wait for a more favorable time to engage in any financial transactions or agreements.

Additionally, it is essential to avoid promising more than you can deliver. This applies not only to bosses, parents, and authority figures but also to making important decisions about inheritances, shared property, and shared responsibilities. Clear thinking and logical analysis are crucial when it comes to these matters.

Finally, it is crucial to tread carefully today, as Neptune opposing fiery Mars may cause discouragement, feelings of inadequacy, and stress. It is wise to avoid situations that can further amplify these negative emotions and focus on self-care instead.

In other news, today is the birthday of renowned actress and comedian Kristen Wiig. Known for her hard work, talent, and ability to take leadership positions in groups, Wiig continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

Please note that these daily horoscope predictions are based on astrological beliefs and general interpretations. Individual experiences may vary, and it is always advised to exercise personal judgment and discretion when making decisions.

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