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Australian actor Adelaide Clemens takes on a strikingly different role in the revival series Justified: City Primeval, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Clemens portrays Sandy Stanton, an ostentatious cocktail server working at a Detroit-area casino, using her job as a front to recruit wealthy individuals for her con artistry.

Known for her previous role as Tawney Talbot in Rectify, Clemens explains that playing Sandy allows her to break free from her usual character type. She describes Sandy as vain, with a distinct sense of style, utilizing her sexuality as a form of manipulation.

Originally, acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino was set to direct select episodes of the series, but had to step away due to personal reasons. Despite his absence, Tarantino’s influence is still apparent in Clemens’ portrayal of Sandy.

Clemens delves into Sandy’s complex relationship with Clement Mansell, played by Boyd Holbrook. She reveals that the character is characterized by fear and a misguided belief that she is in love with him. As the series progresses, Sandy becomes increasingly aware of Mansell’s true nature, causing her to fear him.

Sandy and Mansell partner up to run a con at the casino, with Sandy exploiting affluent men while Mansell robs them. However, when Mansell unexpectedly returns after leaving town, Sandy’s plans are thrown into disarray.

One particular scene that Clemens discusses involves Sandy feigning illness in front of Raylan and his partner, showcasing Sandy’s lack of criminal mastermind skills. Instead, her actions are driven by instinct, as she tries to appear vulnerable and incapable of committing any crimes.

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Clemens credits Tarantino’s influence for setting the tone of the series, which is reminiscent of pulp fiction. She draws inspiration from the strong female characters portrayed in Tarantino’s films, most notably Patricia Arquette’s role in True Romance.

The actress also addresses the real-life violence that occurred on set, expressing her terror upon hearing about it.

Accents also become a topic of conversation, as Clemens explains that her previous role in Rectify helped her with the Southern accent utilized in Justified: City Primeval. She further notes that Australian actors have an advantage when it comes to Southern accents, due to their unique mouth movement.

Clemens briefly touches upon her role in the HBO series Watchmen, mentioning that she had to depart from the show due to prior commitments to a theater play.

Overall, Clemens reveals her excitement about portraying Sandy in Justified: City Primeval, as it allowed her to tackle a completely different character compared to her previous roles. With the critical success of Rectify boosting her confidence, she enjoyed working with the talented cast and crew on this riveting series.

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