Here are the everyday buys that will last a couple

Do you usually shop together? Maybe it’s time to shake up your habits in order to take the time to shop for multiple products… separately. According to some researchers, small daily chores can ultimately help your relationship last longer. Explanations.

What everyday items are secretly bought?

Published in the thesis Journal of Consumer Psychology In it we can read: Making small purchases while you’re in a relationship is ultimately more beneficial. Also, the media Psychology Secretly released a list of frequently purchased items. Of those questioned for the purposes of research, 90% of them seem to lie about their daily expenses. Thus, we find 40% of tactical purchases are food and beverages, 10% clothing, leisure activities, and 8% gifts.

The “secret shopping” power that makes a couple last

According to research, making these small purchases behind your partner’s back (like buying meat when you’re vegan, buying a pair of shoes when you’re trying to save money) can eventually lead to guilt. Beneficial within a couple. In fact, every half birthday, Valentine’s day…

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