Decision to abrogate the Franco-Algerian Treaty of 1968

Some French politicians have called for an end to the 1968 Algerian settlement agreement, which gave Algerians advantages over other foreigners, treating them as unfair privileges.

Republicans want to scrap the agreement signed 55 years ago that made it easier for Algerians to enter and stay in France, allowing them to settle in France with their families, even without papers.

Franco-Algerian Agreement of December 27, 1968 “Relating to the Movement, Employment and Residence of Algerian Nationals and Their Families”. This agreement departs from the general law defined by the Code of Entry and Stay of Aliens and the Right to Asylum (CESEDA). France has started negotiations to regulate the stay of Algerian workers in France.

By the early 1960s, Algerians made up the majority of Nanterre’s slum population. The challenge was therefore to encourage the circulation of Algerian labor needed by France. The agreement aims to regulate migration while giving a favorable status to the large number of Algerians already in France, compared to the general law that provides for an annual quota capped at 35,000 entries.

This action is unfair and obsolete compared to other common law aliens. In 2001, the treaty was revised, retaining all the principles on which it was based.

Recently, relations between the two countries have experienced several crises, especially the difficulty of reconciliation after the political asylum granted by France to a Franco-Algerian activist who fled Algeria. Thus, in 2021, the two countries faced a new diplomatic crisis due to France’s decision to reduce the number of visas issued to Maghreb countries.

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However, despite these crises between Algeria and France in recent years, and despite the efforts of Emmanuel Macron to restore relations despite the warnings of Algerian experts, some French politicians have called for the elimination of this preferential system. , and Xavier Triancourt, former French Ambassador to Algeria.

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