Balthazar Season 6: Release Date, Renewal, New Cast Updates

Enter the captivating world of Balthazar, a compelling French crime series that takes its audience through the grimy underbelly of Paris.

Meet forensic pathologist Raphael Balthazar and his tenacious counterpart, Chief Inspector Hélène Bach, as they unravel the city’s most terrifying and perplexing murders.

Aided by Balthazar’s unusual ability to communicate with the dead, and Bach’s relentless pursuit of justice, this unlikely duo navigates the intricate web of murder and deceit, in pursuit of the truth.

Balthazar is an absolute must-watch for lovers of crime dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat. The show masterfully intertwines suspense, intricate plot twists, and the constant struggle between light and dark.

Quick Facts

  • No of Seasons- 5
  • First Episode – Nov 20, 2018
  • Genre – Black comedy
  • Language – French
  • Where to Watch – La UNE, Amazon Prime
  • Season 6 Update -Unconfirmed

Popularity of the Show

Balthazar has steadily gained traction and acclaim since its initial release. The superb performance of the lead characters, intriguing narrative arcs, and the distinct blend of crime-solving and the supernatural have all contributed to its rising popularity. Its intriguing premise has garnered a loyal fanbase who eagerly anticipate the latest plot twists and character developments.

Available for streaming on multiple platforms worldwide, the show continues to capture new audiences with its fresh and engaging storytelling.

Balthazar Season 6 Release Date

The exact release date of the upcoming Season 6 is still yet to be confirmed. But as per the reports from close source we belived the show is going to be renewed soon and we can expect a release within 2024

Balthazar Season 6 Renewal Statistics

As of now, the renewal status of Balthazar for a sixth season has yet to be confirmed. While the show has been well-received, its fate ultimately depends on factors such as viewership numbers, fan demand, and production logistics.

What Will Happen in Balthazar Season 6 ?

As we eagerly await the sixth season of the captivating series Balthazar, the anticipation has us at the edge of our seats. There’s no official word on the plot of the upcoming season yet, but given the exhilarating narrative thus far, we can predict that Season 6 is set to be a whirlwind of intrigue and suspense.

We can certainly expect Raphael Balthazar and Hélène Bach’s dynamic partnership to continue evolving.

Their cooperation has been the heart of the series, delving into challenging murder investigations, unmasking secrets, and constantly pushing the boundaries of their professional relationship. Raphael’s unique ability to converse with the dead and Hélène’s relentless pursuit of justice are likely to carry us further into Paris’s seedy underbelly.

Fans are on pins and needles about the continuation of Raphael’s investigation into the death of his close friend.

The past seasons have artfully interwoven this personal quest with their professional responsibilities, and it’s something we expect to see further developed in Season 6.

The ending of Season 5 left us in a cliffhanger, with Balthazar being chased by the French police and Camille’s imprisonment within a coffin.

How will our protagonist get out of this dangerous situation? This impending resolution sets up an explosive start to the upcoming season.

Given Balthazar’s track record, we can expect more of its signature riveting narratives and intense plot twists in the upcoming season.

Fans are undoubtedly hoping that Season 6 will be a gratifying and thrilling addition to the Balthazar universe, a truly edge-of-your-seat experience that doesn’t disappoint. This anticipation truly makes the wait for Season 6 a thrilling prospect for any crime drama aficionado.

Recap of Balthazar Season 5?


The fifth season of Balthazar continues to follow the intriguing story of forensic pathologist Raphael Balthazar and Chief Inspector Hélène Bach as they navigate the darkest corners of Paris, solving complex and chilling murder cases.

The season kicks off with an intense case involving the brutal murder of a young woman, setting the tone for the rest of the episodes. Balthazar’s unique ability to communicate with the dead and Bach’s relentless pursuit of justice once again come into play, pushing the boundaries of forensic investigation.

As the season progresses, Balthazar and Bach take on increasingly complex and emotionally challenging cases, each contributing to the building tension between them.

The duo’s professional relationship is put to the test as they are forced to confront personal dilemmas and the blurring lines between their professional and personal lives.

Balthazar’s continued struggle to communicate with his late wife adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative, further intensifying the suspense.

Simultaneously, the overarching narrative of the unsolved murder of Balthazar’s wife Lise (Pauline Cheviller) intensifies.

Throughout the season, Balthazar is drawn further into the hunt for Lise’s killer, a quest that becomes increasingly dangerous, culminating in an explosive confrontation with the suspected murderer.

The season also delves deeper into the characters’ personal lives. Balthazar’s relationship with Bach evolves significantly, with several emotionally charged moments hinting at a possible romantic connection. However, their focus remains on their duty, solving Paris’ most complicated and gruesome crimes.

The season ends on a cliffhanger with Balthazar, pursued by the French police, finding himself in a dangerous situation.

Simultaneously, his close companion Camille finds herself imprisoned within a coffin, heightening the tension for the viewers. This leaves audiences at the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the resolution of this complicated scenario in the following season.

Overall, the fifth season of Balthazar takes the audience on a rollercoaster journey full of unexpected plot twists, suspenseful murder investigations, and deep emotional moments.

The blend of complex character development, intriguing storylines, and the underlying theme of unresolved mysteries makes it a gripping watch, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in Season 6.

Balthazar Season 6 Cast

Tomer Sisley shines in the lead role as Raphael Balthazar, bringing a unique charisma and depth to the character.

Alongside him, Hélène de Fougerolles masterfully portrays the formidable Chief Inspector Hélène Bach. Their on-screen chemistry and strong performances drive the narrative and provide a solid foundation for the series.

The supporting cast, including Yannig Samot, Philypa Phoenix, Côme Levin, Pauline Cheviller, and others, also deliver commendable performances that add depth and variety to the narrative.

Ratings of the Show

On IMDb, Balthazar boasts a rating of 7.5/10, indicative of its positive reception among viewers. The unique premise, strong performances, and well-written storylines have all contributed to its favorable ratings.

Storyline of the Series

Balthazar expertly blends elements of crime, drama, and the supernatural to create a truly unique narrative.

The series follows Raphael Balthazar, who, with his ability to communicate with the dead, uses his skills as a forensic pathologist to solve murders.

Partnering with Hélène Bach, a determined police chief, they form a dynamic duo that faces the city’s toughest cases head-on.

As they navigate the labyrinth of murder and deceit, audiences are treated to a deep exploration of the human psyche, the struggle between light and darkness, and the pursuit of truth.

Review of Balthazar

As a passionate fan of crime dramas, Balthazar stands out with its unique blend of forensic science and the supernatural.

Tomer Sisley delivers a stellar performance as the eponymous character, bringing a fascinating depth and complexity to Raphael Balthazar. The dynamic between Raphael and Hélène, portrayed by the brilliant Hélène de Fougerolles, is captivating.

The writing is top-notch, delivering a well-paced narrative filled with suspense and intrigue. Each episode leaves you wanting more, making it a truly binge-worthy series.

Where to Watch

Balthazar is available for streaming worldwide on multiple platforms such as Acorn TV and Amazon Prime. This wide availability allows fans from all corners of the globe to enjoy this fascinating crime drama.


Balthazar is a standout crime drama that has expertly etched its place in the genre. With its unique storyline, intriguing characters, and compelling narrative, it has quickly gained popularity among viewers.

The combination of suspense, forensic science, and the supernatural results in an enthralling viewing experience.

As we await official news about the renewal and release date of the second season, one thing is certain – Balthazar is a series that leaves a lasting impression, and its upcoming season is highly anticipated.


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