IQ Test: Only 1% Can Solve This Math Puzzle In 10 Seconds…

Did you know that IQ tests are a great way to test your math knowledge and see how smart you are? In this article, we are going to challenge your IQ with a non-beginner math puzzle!

Only 1% of people can solve this challenge in 10 seconds. Do you think you can? Test your math skills and see where you stand!

IQ Test: Only 1% Can Solve This Math Puzzle In 10 Seconds…

Today’s IQ Challenge: Find the value of the last row of calculations. First you have to guess the different values ​​of watermelon, apple, lemon and tomato. Once you find these values, you can solve the last line of the calculation and find the final result!

The challenge is easy, but only 1% of people can solve it in 10 seconds. So, are you ready to take this challenge and test your math skills?

Solution to today’s problem

If you are still looking for the answer to this question, we have the answer to this puzzle. Here are the answers below:

Math Puzzle Watermelon Lemon Tomato Effect

  • Apple + Apple + Apple = 30 So Apple = 10
  • Lemon + Lemon + Apple = 40 So Lemon = 15
  • Tomato + Watermelon + Watermelon = 24 So Watermelon = 10
  • Tomato + (Tomato x Tomato) = 20 So Tomatoes = 4
  • Watermelon + (Lemon x Tomato) = 10 + (15×4) = 70

Have you accepted the challenge?

If you can find the answer to this challenge In less than 10 seconds, well done ! Feel free to share this article with your friends and family to give them the same challenge and see if they are as fast as you.

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