American John Dexter’s takeover of Olympique Lyonnais soap opera comes to an end

American John Dexter's takeover of Olympique Lyonnais soap opera comes to an end

As the epilogue of the soap opera about the takeover of Olympique Lyonnais by John Dexter’s Eagle Football Holding Company approaches, the summer cheer gives way to end-of-year gloom. On Wednesday, December 7, the“the end” A reprieve by OL Groupe (OLG) for the American businessman “Find a final, unconditional and financing agreement with all parties” comes to an end. “After this last deadline, Sellers and the OL Group can only note that it has become futile to give Eagle Football more time”, Rohn’s company explained in a press release on Monday.

Over the months, OL’s sales have taken on an Arlesian look. At the end of June, Mr. Dexter bought it, all shares and half of Osranes (subsidiary bonds redeemable into new or existing shares, used to finance the construction of the Groupama Stadium) Holnest – the holding company of Jean’s family, the historical president of OL. -Michel Aulas, which accounts for 27.7% of the capital – as well as all the shares of PathĂ© (19.3%) – the group led by Jerome Seydoux – and the Chinese investment fund IDG Capital (19.8%). The total value of the operation is 800 million euros.

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Originally set up in September, The sale was postponed several times. “Be aware that such transactions can be very complex for both buyers and sellers, and it is not uncommon to find obstacles in the way of ‘closing’ that create complications and delays”Already in mid-October, he tried to appease the native of Missouri (Midwest of America), in a message to Leone supporters on his website.

Example of Chelsea

“We are talking about a large amount, there is an additional capital increase procedure of 86 million euros, so it is not surprising that it will take some time”Acknowledges Luc Arondel, professor at the Paris School of Economics. But, he points out, the recent example of Chelsea shows that things are usually happening “quickly”. Oligarch Roman Abramovich, who has been in turmoil since Russian troops invaded Ukraine at the end of February and has been targeted by London sanctions, put the London club up for sale in early March. At the end of May, the Premier League (the English first division) approved a takeover by a conglomerate led by American businessman Todd Bohley for nearly 4.5 billion euros.

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