Shopping Perpignan » Shop, Restaurant (Opening 2023)

Shopping Perpignan » Shop, Restaurant (Opening 2023)
Shopping Perpignan

In Eastern Pyrenees Occitany Languedoc RoussillonIn Perpignan, the number of brands (store, boutique, restaurant) for your shopping in 2023 is growing strongly.

In fact, the first city of the Pyrénées Orientales department, it has the best international brands for the shopping and catering needs of Perpignans and Perpignanaises.

Carré D’or is at the forefront of offering new start-up brands. It is one of the major shopping centers in this geographical area.

Perpignan is the largest city in the Pyrénées Orientales department. So it is logical that it has exclusively international brands in the 66 sector.

Therefore, many major brands are only available here, in the Perpignan region and nowhere else in the entire Pyrénées Orientales. For a shopping spree, Perpignan is the best place to benefit from the most exceptional shopping offers.

Opening of shopping Perpignan

Shops, boutiques and restaurants are open or waiting to open in the city. Perpignanais and Perpignanaises are especially looking forward to these next openings.

Some of the shops awaiting opening also benefit greatly from preserving the purchasing power of Perpignan and Perpignanise. It is a specific practice or norm in the field of cosmetic products.

Men’s and women’s clothing is not to be outdone, especially with the eagerly anticipated launch of Japanese-origin brand Uniqlo, and above all, Irish-origin brand Primark.

In the field of furniture, the kit furniture specialist, Ikea, is without a doubt one of the companies most anticipated by the people of Perpignan.

Finally, restaurants have a good place with many international catering brands like Subway.

Store shopping Perpignan

Finally, find your favorite store or boutique opening in Perpignan for your shopping. Click on your preferred opening below:

In addition to the list of store and boutique openings mentioned above, other openings are possible in your city. This list of openings in Perpignan in Pyrénées Orientales is not exhaustive.

Perpignan Restaurant

Finally, discover the opening of a restaurant in Perpignan that makes you want a good meal. Click on your preferred opening below:

Besides the list of restaurants shown above, other openings are possible in your city. The list of openings in Perpignan in the Pyrénées Orientales department is not exhaustive.

Other openings

More info

Apart from the stores waiting to open listed above, there are other stores waiting for you right now. Here are some additional guides for shopping in your Perpignan town:

  • Section waiting for information

Finally, this town in the Pyrénées Orientales is not just a long list of shops and boutique restaurants. It also has an important cultural and historical heritage, but also many places to entertain you. Find out all about the city thanks to the encyclopedia Wikipedia.

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