Elon Musk announced to delete all verified accounts!

Elon Musk announced to delete all verified accounts!

After Elon Musk took over the helm of Twitter, there have been various changes in the operation of the microblogging platform. The latest update regarding Twitter is that all old verified accounts will be removed.

Elon Musk responds to Mike Solana’s tweet All old verified accounts will be deleted in a few months, he wrote. He said it was because it was given in a corrupt and meaningless manner.

More than 400,000 Twitter users had a verified account. This is intended to reduce the number of fake accounts and spam. Because important people have earned this badge, fake accounts can’t impersonate them.

Elon Musk is reforming Twitter’s verified account subscription

Earlier, Elon Musk announced that one can get a verified account if their account is 90 days old and has a mobile number associated with it. This will be done with a paid subscription; Twitter is $9 for web users and $11 for iOS users.

The Twitter site has also updated the new benefits related to the Blue Badge. Users can gain priority ranking during searches, mentions and tweets to reduce the visibility of spam and bot accounts. These accounts can see half the number of ads compared to non-badged accounts. Next year they won’t see any ads.

Starting today, when you subscribe, you’ll have access to subscriber-only features in your account, including tweet editing, 1080p video downloads, reader mode, and a blue tick (once your account is reviewed).“, said Twitter.

The user can change their name and profile information, but the blue badge will disappear for a while until the account is reviewed.

Elon Musk also said that previous Twitter management ignored fake accounts and bots to show more Twitter users.

The platform relaunched its blue subscription on Monday. Companies get Gold certification while the government gets Gray certification to prevent identity theft.

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