Starbucks unveils new Web3 loyalty program with exclusive rewards

Starbucks unveils new Web3 loyalty program with exclusive rewards

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Popular American coffee chain Starbucks will expand its operations by entering the Web3 and NFTs sector following the launch of the beta version of Starbucks Odyssey, a new loyalty program reserved for a group of members consisting of customers and US employees.

As stated by the company a contactedSelected participants will have the opportunity to enjoy Starbucks Odyssey “Journeys”, a series of interactive activities to earn NFTs and Odyssey Points, offers and access to unique experiences.

Given the company’s strong internet presence, this project will bring the blockchain experience to a large number of new users. The American chain opened 763 new stores worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2022, for a total of 35,711 stores worldwide. Additionally, 51% of these stores are managed by the company, and 49% operate through a licensing system, according to official Starbucks data.

The American chain qualifies this new program as an extension of Starbucks Rewards, but thanks to Web3 technology, the latter opens up access to new experiences.

Once logged in, members can participate in “Journeys,” which consist of a series of interactive activities. These activities are varied and range from a virtual tour of the Starbucks Hacienda Alsace farm in Costa Rica to exclusive information about the brand’s heritage and games. Upon completion of the journey, members are rewarded with collections in the form of NFTs based on the Polygon blockchain.

The channel has already sent out invitations to select members and staff on the waiting list earlier this month, and monthly invitations will be issued to new members on the waiting list starting January 2023.

Brady Brewer, vice president and chief marketing officer of Starbucks, commented on the brand’s latest initiative, explaining that it is an attempt to gain a foothold in a new technology field while reaching out to a new customer. In this regard, Brewer emphasizes and adds:

Starbucks Rewards members are our most loyal and engaged customers, and Starbucks Odyssey is our next big loyalty innovation to reward and surprise them. We use Web3 technology to its full potential to connect our customers in a new way, creating a digital community that has access to many benefits, both physically and virtually.

Shortly after the launch of the program’s beta phase, members will gain access to the Starbucks Odyssey marketplace powered by the Nifty Gateway, where select individuals will have the ability to buy or sell digital stamps for collecting Starbucks Odyssey through the Polygon blockchain.

Note that it will also be possible for members to obtain a limited edition NFT stamp early next year. Additionally, limited-edition stamp sales include a charitable contribution, which is a donation to causes important to Starbucks partners and Starbucks Rewards members.

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