Harry & Meghan: Astronomical netflix salary for the couple!

Harry & Meghan: Astronomical netflix salary for the couple!

The most anticipated documentary of the year is finally released online and has directly entered the second place in the ranking of the most watched series in the world on Netflix. Of course, testimonies Meghan and Harry Not made for free and the streaming site spent millions of dollars to get these confessions!

The “Harry & Meghan” documentary is available on Netflix starting Thursday, December 8, 2022, but only three episodes have been released. Part 2 (consisting of three chapters) will be Published online on Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 9:01 am. While waiting for the rest, you might want to know the astronomical sums paid to the royal couple.

Harry & Meghan: No More Limits for Netflix?

The American company has been canceling several original works recently, but budget cuts haven’t stopped it paying $100 million for Harry & Meghan According to the media cut ! Yes, you read that right, the pair’s production company received a hundred million dollars in 2020, allowing Netflix to remain exclusive for years to come.

This astronomical amount is not only dedicated to the production of the documentary “Harry & Meghan”, as the contract provides for the production of several documentaries and original series. Meghan Markle took care of the production of the animated series. Pearl Unfortunately it was canceled by Netflix at the last minute.

Prince Harry spent a considerable amount of his time in the development of the documentary “Heart of Invictus”, which was supposed to be released in April 2021, but the release date has finally been pushed back and we currently have no news. Project…

Meghan’s deal with Spotify earned her millions

If you’re a fan of podcasts, you must have watched Meghan Markle’s one called “. Archetypes » The former American actress receives stars from all over the world from the end of August 2022. Unlike most content creators on Spotify, it was revealed recently Meghan Markle paid $25 million by streaming platform. An amount that forces him to release episodes of his show only on Spotify, meaning users of Apple Podcasts will unfortunately not have access to his show.

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