Morocco hosts a conference that brings together Israel and five other Arab countries

Morocco hosts a conference that brings together Israel and five other Arab countries

Government officials, academics and policy experts from Israel and at least six Arab countries are to hold a three-day meeting on education, coexistence and people-to-people relations in the region on Monday in Morocco. According to AxiosAtlantic Council and Jeffrey M. Organized within the framework of the Dolphins Foundation’s N7 initiative, the meeting aims to identify ideas and practical proposals for regional government projects.

The same source said “the N7 summit convened in Abu Dhabi last year” and saw the presence of ministers from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt and Jordan. “The idea was to support the Abrahamic covenant and create another forum for engagement between Israel and regional countries,” it added.

William Wechsler, senior director of Middle East programs at the Atlantic Council, told Axios that the December 5-7 conference in Rabat will focus on practical ideas and projects, such as creating platforms for regional exchange of students and youth. and strengthening religious tolerance.

Experts from Arab and Muslim countries that are not members of the Abraham Covenant and do not have diplomatic relations with Israel will attend as observers, informed sources said. US Ambassador to Morocco Puneet Talwar and King Mohammed VI’s adviser Andre Azoulay are expected to speak at the conference; “Palestinian representatives are also expected”.

“Education and coexistence are important to the normalization process so that young people in the region can work together,” said Jeffrey M. said Dolphins Foundation President Oren Eisner. He emphasized that the goal is to develop actionable policy proposals that governments in the region can use and implement.

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