The mystery of the owner of the address created 10 days after the birth of Bitcoin

The mystery of the owner of the address created 10 days after the birth of Bitcoin

A bitcoiner claimed ownership of the private keys to one of the first bitcoin addresses on November 27. This is the address of a former miner who, on January 19, 2009 (10 days after the birth of Bitcoin), received 50 Bitcoins (BTC) as a reward for his activity.

on the Bitcointalk forum, the community was asked if they could share their oldest Bitcoin addresses. This user, identified as OneSignature, shared a message encrypted with a private key match A public address since January 2009.

The user in question is anonymous and, according to the forum, is a new account with very little activity. Address is empty without payment.

The time this address reappeared Satoshi Nakamoto Being active caused a sensation. Some users started speculating that the address may belong to the creator Bitcoin Or to the network’s first miners. However, some people doubt the authenticity of the message encrypted by OneSignature User reshared another postConfirms possession of original address on November 28.

The address was attached to Hal Finney

Number of questions is given Raised by this movement, users of the forum took the initiative to explore its possible origins. In Screenshot shared on forumA link to the requested address can be seen, which is associated with the wallet of Hal Finney, the first user to receive a Bitcoin transaction and who died in 2014.

After receiving funding in 2009, they “inactive” until 2011, when They were changed2000 with other BTC, per individual address.

When sending Bitcoin funds, the protocol allows funds to be sent from different addresses to one address. That is, as long as you have private keys.

The list shows some of the entries transaction Both agree One of the addresses identified as belonging to Phinney Another is from a OneSignature user. So expect the user to be able to access the rest of the private keys in the list and, possibly, Finney’s bitcoins.

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