MolenGeek is getting 700 virtual reality headsets from Meta

MolenGeek is getting 700 virtual reality headsets from Meta

This next step will take MolenGeek and its learners down the path of metawares, a future version of the Internet that will further immerse global connections.

“Often these technologies are inaccessible to young people. We want to give them the first step to access the possibilities of XR and the future it opens up,” comments MolenGeek CEO Ibrahim Ouassari.

MolenGeek is the first player from Belgium to benefit from the Meta Immersive Learning program. Through this program, Mark Zuckerberg’s company underlines that Meta is investing $150 million to build and develop the next generation of creators, create immersive experiences that change the way we learn, and increase access to learning through technology.

“We know that the path to Metaverse won’t be paved by one company. That’s why we’re working closely with partners to help build a thriving AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) ecosystem that provides opportunities for creators around the world,” says Arno Lubrun, Country Director of Meta Benelux.

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