A fine example of American philanthropy in support of French heritage and…

A fine example of American philanthropy in support of French heritage and…

What is the French Heritage Society?

French Heritage Society (FHS), a American non-profit organization (501c3 organization) formed in 1982. It consists of twelve chapters, eleven of which are in the United States and one in France.

Its goal is: Perpetuate French architectural and cultural heritage in France and the United States.

Its mode of action: For this, she Fundraising For conservation, restoration and education to preserve this heritage and inspire future generations.

His works:

  • Preservation of French Heritage in France and America By assigning Cost of catering.
  • Maintain knowledgeThrough knowledge and traditional love Exchange of students and traditional architects between the two countries.
  • bring it Better understanding of French and American culturesand in Promote Franco-American friendship.
French Heritage Association, 40 years in statistics:
  • Further 13.4 million euros were raised for historic preservation (including 2.5 million euros for the restoration of Notre-Dame de Paris) 601 for rehabilitation programs.
  • Further 530 American and French scholarship recipients their beneficiaries Educational program »
  • Further 650 catering gifts Presented in France and the United States. In 2022, 15 restoration prizes totaling 465,000 euros and 20,150 euros were awarded to French-inspired American heritage.
  • Further 80 cultural tours are organized for the patrons and members of the French Heritage Society

French Heritage Association: A sponsorship policy in favor of French heritage

For States –United :

The French Heritage Society The United States has 12 Houses of Representatives, including 11 Houses of Representatives.

It organizes events Raises funds for critical rehabilitation projects It exemplifies French culture and the art of living in the American states. thereby, Lafayette’s bedroom in Virginia Where Edgar Degas’ home in New Orleans For example, it was able to benefit from the support of the French Heritage Society.

In France :

Awarded by the French Heritage Society A great patron of culture, in 2010. The action of the FHS is comprehensive: while supporting heritage projects at the national level, it is also sensitive to regional projects. A few examples.

National Library of France (Bnf):

Company member Cercle Richelieu of the National Library of France (BnF).She made a pledge of support Florence Gould Foundation For restoration Mazarin Gallery And with supportIron Mountain, Inc. For restoration Louis XV Lounge. This sponsorship fund is mentioned in the amount €416,000.


National Archives:

Restoration project Cabinet of hooded monkeys at the Hôtel de Rohan at the National Archives, funded with the support of the French Heritage Society. Florence Gould Foundation For an amount €292,600. Currently closed to the public and undergoing restoration, this 18th-century private mansion recently hosted the exceptional rooms of the Grande Chancellery of Orléans on the ground floor.

Hotel de Rohan – Cabinet of Monkeys 1

Notre Dame of Paris:

In 2019, when the Notre-Dame de Paris church suffered a terrible fire, the French Heritage Society responded by creating a dedicated emergency fund: Notre Dame Fire Restoration Fund. This fund was collected 2.5 million euros Thanks to the generosity of 3,400 donors from 40 different countries, but also to the remarkable support of Estee Lauder and the Lauder family.

View of Notre Dame

Support for Regional Heritage Projects:

Apart from major heritage causes such as Notre-Dame de Paris, the French Heritage Association contributes above all to the recovery of heritage in all regions. Thus, it has awarded catering prizes to Château de la Rongere in Mayenne, Domaine de Cheron in Sarthe and Clos de Vougeot in the Côte d’Or.

French Heritage Society: Educational support for friendship frAmerican-American.

The French Heritage Society is also developing Educational program Its goal is to enhance the training of future curators, restorers and architects through experiences on a human and professional level.

In practice, this educational program specifically includes:

Summer Student Exchange Program : 4- to 8-week summer internships offered to young students in horticulture and art history within major cultural sites on both sides of the Atlantic. (Stipend between 960 euros and 1921 euros).

International Professional Employment Programme : To provide professional placements to students who are confirmed in their field of study (Master’s Degree, Ph.D.). These offers allow students in master’s and doctoral programs to undertake internships of 6 months to one year so that they can gain significant professional experience in internationally renowned cultural institutions (4800 euros stipend).

The best way to promote Franco-American friendship is through the transfer of knowledge and skills.

Gala evening at Petit Palais on October 15:

A garland was placed to conclude the ceremony October 15 at the Petite Palais in the center of Paris. A dinner signed by Eric Frechon and an interlude of a pas de deux by Dorothée Gilbert and Hugo Marchand, star dancers of the Opera National de Paris, made it possible to celebrate in the presence of many American and French patrons. French heritage from both sides of the Atlantic.
Also presented by the French Heritage Society (FHS). Restoration prize at the Petit Palais for the frescoes on the ceiling of the garden peristyle. It is one of 660 prizes awarded over the past 40 years, mainly in France but also in the United States.

Words by Karen Archer,
Deputy Director of FHS

Karen Archer.jpg

You only get to celebrate your 40th birthday once in a lifetime. The French Heritage Society (FHS)It was founded in 1982 by Michèle le Menestrel-Ullrich, and during the post-maturity and balance period, has followed the path taken: Nearly 660 catering awards total $14 million in direct aid, more than double this amount when taking into account the associated mandatory funding; 530 students across the Atlantic region benefit, all tomorrow’s actors in hereditary fields. Of course, French side, Strong links with notable players who preserve heritage : Vieilles Maisons Françaises, but also our historical partner of the Demeure Historique and its Mérimée Foundation, the Parks and Gardens of France Committee and the Heritage Foundation.

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