Wednesday: Jenna Ortega Breaks All Records on Netflix!

Wednesday: Jenna Ortega Breaks All Records on Netflix!

Within days, the new original hit the top spot on Netflix’s most-watched series charts in 83 countries. Viewers have been eagerly waiting for the Tim Burton-directed fic, and it looks like Jenna Ortega has managed to do better than the start of the fourth season. Stranger things !

Mercreddy turns into an English-language series, achieving the best release since its creation in the US! According to Netflix, the original creation has amassed 341.23 million hours of viewing in seven days. The red-logoed streaming site once said recently Press release :

“LWednesday, the mysterious and supernatural series chronicling the adventures of Wednesday Addams in Nevermore, reached No. 1 with 341.23 million viewing hours, watched by more than 50 million households. series. »

Wednesday: Season 2 Soon?

With such a record, you can rest assured Wednesday Season 2 Will be ordering from US company soon. Maybe even another spin-off The Addams Family Coming into production soon… Jenna Ortega announced during an interview that she’s ready to reprise her role, so we can’t wait to find the young woman in the skin of this character, which she’s perfected!

Did you notice that the actress never blinked throughout the series? It was Tim Burton’s idea to take over again for the next eight episodes. While waiting for the sequel, be aware Season 2 of the Gossip Girl reboot will begin airing on HBO in a few days.

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