Bubbing: Are you a fan of this bad habit that, according to science, can affect our relationships?

Bubbing: Are you a fan of this bad habit that, according to science, can affect our relationships?

Modern life has completely changed the way we interact with others, and this evolution is not always a good thing. Some new behaviors can thus endanger our relationships. The development of dating apps, for example, has led to Perishable goods syndrome, dangerous for couples. Pay more attention Winter coat, which burst with inflation and could cost lovers dearly. In an article published on November 29, Stylist Highlighting another toxic practice for our relationships: bubbing.

What is bubbing?

Unable to deny it, we become addicted to laptops. Citing recent research, Stylist says that on an average, an average person spends 3 hours 23 hours on their phone every day, which equates to 5 days a year. We check our smartphones about 58 times a day. Are you one of those people who spends the entire day on a laptop? So you may be unconsciously adept at pubing, which is not only harmful to our relationships as a couple, but also to friendships and family. This English portmanteau word is short for “phone snapping” and describes the act of grabbing someone’s phone for good. A laptop is the source of many toxic practices in our personal and emotional lives. fexting.

Who hasn’t ignored the other person to read or reply to a text message, check their social networks or make a call? The worst is when he interrupts in the middle of a conversation. It gets even more complicated when we make it a habit, and we do it so often that we don’t even realize it. According to researcher Yeslam Al-Sakha, bubbing is not only rude and annoying, but it affects our relationships. In his studies The Psychology of Fapping, he determines that we often tend to persecute those closest to us. Participants in this research talked about their partner the most, followed by their closest friends, siblings, parents and children. Also, the younger you are, the sadder you are.

Disconnect your phone

However, this practice is particularly harmful because it sends a harmful message to the bereaved each time. In a couple, fapping increases conflict over phone use. But above all, it causes a feeling of exclusion in the neglected partner, which leads to a decline in intimate relationships and increases dissatisfaction in the couple. It can also feed Jealousy and the fear of being cheated on by an abusive partner. Finally, whether in relationships or friendships, fumbling sends the message that the ignored person is invisible. She’s not that important to him if he has other priorities ahead of her. So phubbing is a source of discomfort and can worsen relationships over time.

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