WhatsApp: Talking to you is now possible

WhatsApp: Talking to you is now possible

WhatsApp users can now start a conversation with themselves, the messaging app’s parent company Meta announced on Monday (November 28).

Fans of personal notes will be delighted. On Monday, November 28, Meta announced WhatsApp users They will soon be able to open chat windows with them.

Access to this function, called “message yourself”, will be very simple: users only need to click on the green button that allows them to create a new discussion, and their name will appear at the top of their contact list, “you”.

Once a discussion is created, users can pin it to the top of their home page, which will display all discussions in the order of receipt.

Users are already able to send messages to themselves

Although This new feature No exception, it will delight many WhatsApp users, who will finally be able to use it to send notes and reminders more fluidly or voice memos, attachments and files.

However, netizens reacted to the tweet announcement Meta Francesaying that they already have access to this function for several years: “How is that a new function? I’ve been using it since almost 2015”, can read the response of a user, screenshot in support. So innovation is more on the side of fluidity.

For now, some WhatsApp users already have access to “message yourself”, while others will have to be a little more patient.

The new feature is available on iOS with version equal to 22.23.74 or later and on Android with version equal to or later.

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