These 4 Apps to Delete Now Will Destroy You! Google issues a warning

Ces 4 applications à supprimer dès maintenant peuvent vous ruiner ! Google lance l’alerte


Not a week goes by without malicious apps being reported Game Store. Precisely, a few hours ago, the Bitdefender team of researchers published a list of applications that infect smartphones. Don’t worryEditorial staff of Objeco, It will tell you everything about it. are you ready

Fake file managers

A team of Bitdefender researchers has published a list of applications that infect smartphones with the SharkBot malware. Seemingly innocuous, these cleaner and file manager apps have infiltrated phones’ Play Store. And unfortunately, they contain a Trojan horse. For information, it directly attacks victims’ banking data.

And here, the malware is called Chariot. Dangerous malware that steals online banking credentials. Specifically, the apps in question display invalid link forms. After filling the fake form, hackers can record this data and use it Your account as they wish.

What applications are involved?

So, the first application is called X-File Manager. Unfortunately, it has been downloaded over 10,000 times. To download and install the Sharkbot Trojan, the application asks the user to allow a fake update. The second file manager app is called FileVoyager. The latter has been downloaded over 5,000 times on Android. The procedure used is the same as the first application.

The other two Malware They pass themselves To clean applications. These are LiteCleaner M and Phone AID Cleaner, Booster 2.6. The banks targeted by this banking Trojan are mainly located in the UK, Italy, Iran and Germany. Bitdefender has published a complete list of banking institutions, while reminding that hackers can update it at any time.

What if you have these apps?

If you have them on your phone, uninstall it immediately. Also, we advise you to keep Play Protect service enabled on your smartphone. This is the best solution to protect yourself. You can also read user reviews before downloading a new app. Sometimes you have signs of a potential scam. Finally, Antivirus application There is also an option to strengthen the security of your devices for Android. Until you.


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