Scams by email: Beware of this new scam that is becoming more popular on the Internet

Scams by email: Beware of this new scam that is becoming more popular on the Internet

On the Internet, criminals are constantly inventing new scams to extract personal data. It’s even more recent in the “unusual link to your mailbox” scam, which is increasingly appearing in messaging.

Be careful not to be deceived. A new scam has been launched by web hackers impersonating the company MicrosoftRequesting an unusual connection by email.

If you have a Microsoft address (Hotmail, Live, Outlook…) and receive an “unusual connection” warning, you may be a victim of this scam.

According to Signal-scamsA community-based fraud protection platformWebsiteA large number of reports have been submitted by users.

A fake login page

A fraudulent email sent by fraudsters indicates unusual activity related to a recent login to your account. Details such as IP address, country or connection time are displayed.

At the end of the message, a block prompts you to “Report User” and if you click, this is where the charm begins. Actually, to confirm this statement, you need to specify your identifiers and password.

However, this information can be recovered by fraudsters. This phishing technique is widespread and the message sent is very similar to the truth.

Lots of clues to find

Several clues can put you on the trail. First, typos, often multiple, appear in these scam emails.

Last but not least, all truly unique login emails end with “”.

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