You can now visit the Cheops Pyramid without leaving your home

You can now visit the Cheops Pyramid without leaving your home

You don’t have the budget to fly all the way Egypt ? This is no longer a problem as it is now possible to visit Ancient treasures from his bed. American University Harvard Iconem, a French start-up specializing in 3D digitization of heritage sites, has designed an online navigation tool, the magazine reports. Geo.

In these almost accessible places, the majestic Pyramid Cheops, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Located on the Giza Plateau not far from Cairo, the Pyramid of Cheops attracts curious people from all over the world, who marvel at its 140-meter height and its architectural mysteries.

3D reconstruction

Thus, the teams were able to accurately reconstruct in 3D the cavities of the 4,500-year-old pyramid, its three main chambers and their connecting tunnels. In addition, the arrival is decorated with short explanatory texts about the construction of the pyramid or the use of the rooms. Small events, maps and maps also punctuate the virtual journey, leading to even some passages closed to the general public.

Finally, 180-degree views show the viewer above the monument and the desert plateau, including the small pyramids of Saffron and Mycarinos. Be aware, however, that visits are only possible in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

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