Someone Season 2 (Netflix): Is a sequel already in the works?

Somebody sur netflix

With its complex characters and tragic ending, the new original South Korean creation has already won many subscribers. Thanks to its surprising story, the K-drama can quickly enter the ranks of the world’s most watched series on Netflix.

Eight episodes flashed by at the speed of light, and before we knew it, we were watching the dramatic finale. A Season 2 of Somebody is Possible ? Even though our heroine is now a criminal, a serial killer who is her victim, justice doesn’t usually come like this…

We’re revealing all the information we have on the Somebody Season 2 release date on Netflix

K-drama regulars were probably surprised by Young-kwang Kim’s (Sung Eun-oh) performance, as the actor had never played a character like this before. Sum (Hae-lim Kang) has violently murdered the man she loved, but how will she recover from such an act?

We can detect The Answer in Someone Season 2 It’s only off the program if the American company agrees to make a sequel. Only eight episodes have been ordered by Netflix, but it seems obvious that the second part will be released soon.

One of the strengths of the series is the complexity of its characters, and even though Young-Kwang Kim is now out of harm’s way, it’s still possible to create a new plot, especially for our favorite (Sum). However, it will take four to eight weeks to find out Season 2 of Some will be ordered by Netflix.

If you see the series appear in the top ten of the most watched series in France on Netflix, it is A great first sign in favor of a possible Season 2. On our page, we will follow the evolution of the popularity of the series globally and will be back in a few days to provide an update on this article.

Someone Season 2: Trailer Coming Soon?

If Netflix someone decides to produce a season 2Then it won’t be ready for at least a year and usually trailers for original works are released a month before new episodes go live.

What is the release date of Someone Season 2 on Netflix?

Since the renewal won’t happen before the end of the year, if Netflix decides to offer its subscribers a sequel, its production won’t begin until February or March 2023. Then it takes eight to ten months to stage the new one. Eruptive episodes.

So it is possible Netflix’s Somebody Season 2 release date is set for early winter 2023 (if ordered)! Nothing has been officially announced yet, but we’ve loved this new K-drama so much that we’re sure it won’t be long before its sequel hits the Loko streaming platform. Red.

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