Algerian immigrants protest in Montreal

Algerians in front of the Spanish Embassy in Montreal.

Algerians in front of the Spanish Embassy in Montreal.

Protests by Algerians abroad continue against the military regime in Algeria, which accuses its enemies, including all exiles, of being terrorists. Mobilization is regular and relentless. The latest took place on November 12 in Montreal, Canada.

Members of the Algerian diaspora staged a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Spanish Consulate in protest against the deportation of former constable Mohamed Abdellah and ex-soldier Mohamed Benhalima to Algeria by Iberian authorities.

The military junta accused them of terrorism, although nothing was proven. Protestants demand the release of all political and ideological prisoners in Algeria and call for the establishment of a civilian and non-military government.

Demonstrators shouted slogans at the authorities in Algiers, accusing them of being a murderer and complicity with the Spanish authorities.

Many more figures have been charged with terrorism, including journalists and peace activists. The same accusation was made by Kabili’s Movement for Self-Determination (MAK) and its leaders, including President Ferhat Menni.

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