Electronic Arts is developing “at least three games” for Marvel

Electronic Arts is developing "at least three games" for Marvel

At the end of September, EA put an end to the rumors that had been circulating for a while by officially announcing the production of an Iron Man title.. The third-party game will have a new visual and in whose hands Motive, the studio is currently working on a remake of Dead Space. But that is not the only revelation. EA also announced a deal that commits Marvel to taking care of the production of several titles. A partnership we have now New information.

Three Marvel games for EA

EA actually provided some details via a press release. However, we should not expect anyone to reveal to us which other universes are concerned by the projects in question. No, the American company first drew attention to the number of games it plans to make.

As such, players should expect to see “at least three console and PC titles” dedicated to the Marvel universe. So there may be more, a report suggests. A direction to consider if success is at the intersection? want For titles already planned anyway, EA has made a clarification: all will offer original visuals. A piece of information we already know about Iron Man, as we recall, should highlight the main objective. “The charisma and creative genius of Tony Stark»So “Make Iron Man Real”.

In short, according to shared opinions, it will be a question of respecting the underlying object and being as faithful as possible, rather than proposing something that transcends it. Ambitions that target other planned topics as well. And if you ask to see only the result, it appears on the side Joy Ong (Executive Vice President of Marvel Games) has little doubt about EA’s support. For her, it was an exemplary choice:

At Marvel, we strive to find best-in-class teams that take our characters on heroic journeys like never before, and the collaboration with Electronic Arts will help achieve this. We pride ourselves on being enthusiastic and creative collaborators with developers, so they have the freedom to create something deeply unique and truly remarkable. That’s exactly what the Motive team is doing with their Iron Man video game, and we can’t wait for players to learn more about it in the not-too-distant future.

Another familiar topic?

While we logically have to wait to learn more, including the name of the other two licenses that will be entitled to their transfer alongside the already announced Iron Man, we have some hints about one of them. .

Indeed, in the summer of 2022, some information – admittedly unofficial – reached us. JEff Grubb, in particular, reported a Black Panther titleAlso provides the following clarifications: The game will be at the beginning of its development within EA’s new development studio based in Seattle, a former vice president of Monolith. Kevin Stephens.

But, of course, even if we can give credit to the group’s views, it is wise not to put too much faith in it, so wait for the key stakeholders to decide on the matter.

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