NASA teases ‘big discovery’

Le cratère d'impact repéré sur Mars en avril 2019.

The US space agency has invited international journalists to a conference to shed light on a “major discovery” on the surface of Mars.

In two words, the US space agency has released the best teaser in recent years!!! The NASA A press conference has been arranged media of the whole world. The latter theme, this Thursday, October 27 at 8pm (French time): the announcement of a major discovery about Mars.

Questionable Insight Observations

NASA announced the organization of the press conference via a press release posted on its official website. Teams from the US space agency will present a major discovery based on the InSight lander, which has been studying the surface of the Red Planet since 2018. A module that has already made it possible to capture Large earthquakes on the surface of Mars.

The Joint Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which has been studying the structure of Mars’ orbit since 2006, also contributed to this “major discovery”.

Unpublished data and images

Talks abound about this famous discovery, but for now, the secret is well-kept on the side of the space agency’s crews. It is only known that the conference will present exclusive data and images collected by the two devices.

The scientists will also present how the joint work of the two ships helped bring this discovery to light.

Ask NASA your questions

So space fans should attend the live telecast organized by NASA tomorrow. The press conference will be broadcast on YouTube.

Viewers who wish to do so can ask their questions directly to the space agency using the hashtag #AskNASA. Twitter. In 2019, NASA, through the voice of Jim Green, announced that one day the scientific world and humanity will be shocked. Mars has been proven to have life.

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