i9-13900K 6 GHz at the push of a button?

i9-13900K 6 GHz at the push of a button?

Gigabyte announces that users of their new motherboards will be able to spend a i9-13900K (or KF) at 6 Ghz in the easiest way in the world: with the push of a button. In concrete terms, the brand’s motherboards benefit from a new BIOS update, with their new ” Instant 6GHz “.

As you may have understood, we are talking about an automatic overclocking “script” here. The new BIOS has a script that automatically adjusts the CPU voltage. More precisely, All hearts Vcore is subjected to load calibration to determine Two great hearts. These are then converted to a frequency of 6 GHz. Granted, we’ve already found similar applications with other brands, and automatically switching from the 13900K to 6Ghz can lead to about a 3% performance gain… but from a marketing point of view, it seems that 6Ghz can sell more. …

i9-13900K 6GHz

Gigabyte’s press release

gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd A leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and hardware solutions, today announced the technology Instant 6GHz , specially designed to optimize the performance of the Intel Core i9-13900K processor. By simply updating the motherboards Gigabyte Z790 By running the latest BIOS and related settings, users can boost the Intel Core i9-13900K’s performance to 6GHz in no time.

In addition to Turbo Boost mode, Gigabyte Instant 6GHz technology unleashes the potential power of the CPU and can increase single-core performance by up to 3%, allowing you to enjoy the unprecedented performance of future processors.

The new Intel Core i9-13900K processor makes it easy for users to enjoy OC performance. Using GIGABYTE’s latest Instant 6GHz technology, the system can automatically adjust CPU voltage and Vcore load line calibration to find the most optimal two cores running at 6GHz frequency.

Instead of struggling with complex CO settings, users can enjoy effortless overclocking by updating GIGABYTE Z790 motherboards to the latest BIOS and enabling the instant 6GHz option in the BIOS. It offers a 3% performance boost on a single core and a similar experience to the OC version on the i9-13900K processor.

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