France is expected to experience above normal temperatures until mid-November

France is expected to experience above normal temperatures until mid-November

2022 makes a mockery of the standards. Whereas The first months of the year were already unusually warmThe next few days and even weeks threaten to be.

“There are still good days ahead of the heat.”

Recent projections agree that temperatures recorded in Europe at the end of October 2022 will be above normal for the season.

“There are still good days for heat”, François Joppard, forecaster of Météo France, summed it up a few days ago on Twitter by broadcasting images of air mass forecasts for October 27 and 28.

beside him, The Weather Channel It confirms that next week should be marked by intense heat, especially in the south-west, where the mercury could rise to 30 degrees Celsius by the end of the period.

“The next 7 days will be particularly mild across Europe (anomaly above 5°C). In France, the 7-day anomaly will increase to +6.5°CDetails for his piece Guillaume Séchet, journalist specializing in meteorology and founder of Météo-Villes.

The beginning of November will also be unusually warm

Above normal temperatures are expected to continue to be recorded during the first days of November.

“In the medium term, it is very difficult to find true winter signals for our country and the continent in general”, Météo-Willis notes.

In the first week of November, Meteo France notes And there will be time “very soft”. To indicate that between November 7 and 20, “Overall temperatures are expected to be above seasonal normals”.

Towards the 10th month in a row above normal?

In this scenario, it is conceivable to see November 2022 join the list of months where the average temperature recorded in France is above the seasonal average.

If this is the case, November 2022 will continue the streak from early February, which will see France break a new record in this area.

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