Watch this prototype iPhone charge… or almost

Watch this prototype iPhone charge... or almost

In Unbox Therapy’s video, you can see an iPhone charging on a prototype Apple Air Power. However, the wireless charger is considered so dangerous that it cannot be used for more than a minute.

Apple AirPower Prototype // Source: Unbox Therapy

AirPower is one of Apple’s biggest disappointments. This accessory has the rare distinction of being canceled by Apple after it was officially released to the public. This elliptical support for wirelessly charging three devices (iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch) at the same time never achieved the level of protection required to be marketed.

However, since the cancellation of Airpower, A working prototype has already been discovered And rumors abound Wireless charger plans at Apple. Recently, the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel has returned to bring this subject back to the fore. Videographer Louis Hilsendegger was able to get an AirPower very close to what the final version actually looked like — except the device doesn’t have the white plastic finish shown in the official renders.

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A dangerous premise to handle

In his video, Unbox Therapy deals with airpower, but he takes a lot of precautions. He explains that he got a lot of instructions from whoever sent him the prototype. For example, he can only use one zone of the charging pad, whereas the strength of this wireless charger is that he can place his iPhone anywhere to regain battery power.

A caveat is even more troubling: if he wants to avoid damaging this airpower, he can only use it for one minute at most. He should let the charger cool down for five minutes.

On the other hand, once the iPhone is placed in this AirPower, the Unbox Therapy welcomes the phone to continue charging. There’s no disruption like other prototypes he’s seen, he explains.

Apple’s future announcements about wireless charging should be watched closely. Because if iPhone 15 must use a USB-C chargerApple thinks so A quick transition to a 100% wireless smartphone. For this future to work, we need to make sure we have the right chargers.

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