Increase in hospital indicators and deaths in France

Covid-19: Augmentation des indicateurs hospitaliers et des décès en France

The circulation of Covid-19 continued to improve across the metropolitan area, with incidence rates exceeding 500 cases per 100,000 people, a 22% increase nationally and a daily average of more than 55,000 new cases, it warned. The French Public Health Agency (SPF) on Friday.

This increase has always been noted in the most ancient, the General Institute notes in its epidemiologic point.

The number of new hospital admissions and deaths continued, with 5,834 new hospitalizations (+13%), including 448 in intensive care (+1%) and 279 deaths (+14%).

The number of new confirmed cases is increasing in social and medical-social institutions (+35%), while in overseas France, the situation continues to improve in all regions.

Omicron is exclusively distributed in France, and its BA.5 sublineage is ubiquitous, indicating the same source that, in mainland France, BA.5 (all sublineages combined) represents 89% of interpretable sequences of Omicron. S39 survey (26/09).

On the vaccine side, as of Oct. 11, only 35.9% of eligible 60-79-year-olds and 49.3% of eligible over-80s (depending on when they had their last shot) had received a second boost, Public Health explains. France.

Given the dynamics of the epidemic and the low adoption of preventive measures, vaccination should be strengthened, especially the first vaccination with a booster containing a bivalent vaccine (against the early strain and the omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2). Fall campaign, he suggests.

In this regard, it also recalls the importance of preventive measures (properly wearing a mask when crowding and washing hands in the presence of vulnerable people or in closed spaces) to protect vulnerable populations.

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