What if an artificial intelligence made better fries than us?

What if an artificial intelligence made better fries than us?

As artificial intelligence and robots take up more space in our lives, an American company has marketed a robot that makes fries to fast food chains. The AI-guided arm will be faster and more accurate than a human, according to the company.

Flippy 2 was developed by Miso Robotics and is already installed in many fast food establishments. This robotic arm is controlled by cameras and artificial intelligence. He It automatically enables you to take the fries out of the freezer, drop them in the fryer, then take them out and place them on a plate. Director of Mizo Robotics says this robot works “Faster, more accurate, more reliable, and happier than most humans.

The first generation of this robot was designed to flip burgers. But the company found that it was most effective in the deep fryer, a station that slowed orders the most. Flippy 2 can also recognize other foods like chicken thighs and fry them correctly. It can manage up to five fryers simultaneously. It increases the production rate of fried food by 30%.

Restaurants should still stay3000 dollars per month to rent a robot.

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