A strange asteroid shook the world of scientists – La Nouvelle Tribune

A strange asteroid shook the world of scientists - La Nouvelle Tribune

More than a year after a fireball appeared in Canada, scientists are returning to the nature of the object, which was long thought to be a comet because it came from the Oort cloud. According to the latest information about this appearance by experts, the object is not made of ice, but of rock. This characteristic makes it possible to refer to the identified object as an asteroid. For other observers, the discovery will help further understanding of the formation of the solar system.

This sheds light on the fact that the Oort Cloud contains scattering and deposition of matter from all over the Solar System.”Explain Karen Meech, a scientist at the Hawaii Institute of Astronomy. The object that appeared in the Canadian province on February 22, 2021 was a space rock weighing about 2 kg. It evaporates once it enters the atmosphere. to Bill BotkeA laboratory mechanic Southwest Research InstituteThe finding may also qualify some models of material from the asteroid belt being dispersed into the Oort cloud.

Other unidentified objects

Note that many unidentified objects were recorded. However, scientists have failed to conclude whether they are asteroids or not. “He was brilliant, very fast and left behind him a glowing train in the center of the atmosphere.”, Denise Vida narrated her role. For many years, these countries were considered comets. A similar case was identified by the team in 2016 Karen Meech. The object’s tail was free of ice.

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