Your Vitale card will soon be available on a smartphone, what will change?

Your Vitale card will soon be available on a smartphone, what will change?

1. Dematerialized Card: How Does It Work?

The dematerialization of the Vitale Card is based on the principle of bank cards: an application that needs to be downloaded to your smartphone, and it lists the vital data associated with the Vitale Card, in particular the National Health Identity.

Instead of a card taken out of a wallet, the device lets you hand the trainer’s phone, which generates a QR code or NFC signal — the technology used for contactless payments.

2. What are the expected benefits?

The main reason for this trial, which started in 2019, seems to be increased security in the use of Vital cards. Senators received LR this summer while attempts by online scams aimed at stealing insured data follow one another. 20 million Euros credit facility To initiate construction of Biometric Vital Card.

However, this new dematerialized card will include several biometric registration tools: when establishing the application, the insured will have to take a photo of their ID card and then take a picture of their face to confirm their identity.

3. Why are biometrics controversial?

A first step towards an autonomous project or biometrics – including risks to public liberties Recently the UN ? Asked about the connection between this dematerialized card and the far-reaching development of the biometric vital card, Health Minister François Browne confirmed that there are in fact two distinct projects. But the second was still conditional on the study of the “benefit-risk ratio”.

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