Hassan Iquson’s lawyer talks about his arrest

Hassan Iquson's lawyer talks about his arrest

Lawyer Lucy Simon said Imam Hassan Iquiscen “trusted Belgian justice not to bow to pressure from a French executive eager for a media trophy to serve a disastrous legislative agenda”. In a statement issued on Monday RMC / BFMTVThe man, who was arrested last Friday in Belgium under a European arrest warrant issued by France, “trusts Belgian justice” to “resist pressure” from Paris, the prosecutor insisted.

Mee Lucy Simon specifically challenged the validity of this arrest warrant, recalling that the crime justifying it was “uncharacterized”. Furthermore, he points out that his client left French territory, Thus passed the order to leave the French territory (OQTF) was sent to him last summer, based on an evacuation order from Interior Minister Gerald Dorman. According to the opinion of August 30, the lawyer confirms that the departure took place “before the State Council verified the decree” and therefore “at the time when this decision was suspended and the action of removal (…) cannot be opposed”.

“In the end, Hasan Iqusen left France for Wallonia to fully and simply respect French law,” the lawyer adds, and invokes the “executive’s anxious disdain” toward “legal standards.”

In 2003, Hassan Iquisen was kicked out by the French Interior Ministry after he made misogynistic and anti-Semitic comments during some of his conferences. A week before his arrest, inform He questioned the progress of investigations On the Belgium side.

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