Mayorio: Oreo mayonnaise is actually a fake

Mayorio: Oreo mayonnaise is actually a fake

A strange shot in which we can see a sauce combining mayonnaise and Oreo cookies has been criticized on social networking site Twitter. It’s actually a fake, and it’s been circulating for months.

A combination that infuriated internet users. For days, months even, a strange photo has been making the rounds on Twitter. We are looking at a product from the Heinz brand, an American company specializing in the production and sale of sauces that combine mayonnaise with Oreo cookies.

A photomontage from 2021

It is actually a photomontage, which was already published in 2021. Strangely, even though the information has already been deleted, the photo continues to circulate at regular intervals, especially in the American media.

Faced with the level of uproar, a spokesperson for the Heinz brand also responded. “We didn’t create Maiorio”, he explained, highlighting the fact that even the name of the author of the assembly is written on the product.

On social networks, the self-proclaimed “doctor photographer” even posted an explanatory video about his photomontage.

On his Twitter account and Instagram, “Doctor Photo” is also a regular and has already released various imaginary food products.

Among his other “achievements”, we can mention notably the “Monster Energy Pickles”, which are pickles in a popular energy drink.

In the past, he had imagined another sauce, mixing mayonnaise and monster drink. “Happiness” called “Myonster”, which did not create much excitement on social networks.

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