HDMI input, voice control, Wi-Fi 6E… full of technology

HDMI input, voice control, Wi-Fi 6E... full of technology

The third-generation Amazon Fire TV Cube is here. With an HDMI input, saves a port on your TV. You can also use your voice to the fullest. presentation.


The third-generation Amazon Fire TV Cube is here. It basically brings more power and compatibility Wi-Fi 6EBut the most interesting innovation is connecting HDMI devices directly to the cube, which then sends the signal back to your television.

Also consider the introduction of voice commands via Alexa thanks to the new remote control with customizable buttons. We also note that there is no button dedicated to the streaming service, not Amazon. The brand claims that if desired, the device can be used completely hands-free, which will make it easier to access.


Let’s dwell on the 20% power gain for a moment. It is based on 2.0 GHz octa-core CPU. This should improve the speed of launching applications and increase the fluidity of the system.

Dolby, HDR

The Cube supports the full range of picture technology, starting with 4K, Dolby Vision, HDR and Dolby Atmos. There is technology for thatHigh quality From HD to 4K. Also note the presence of an Ethernet port, always handy if your internet box isn’t too far away.

For all heads in the air, Alexa is available directly through the cube, making it possible to use voice control without a remote control. There is also a feature that makes it easy to find the remote using the built-in speaker.

Prices and Availability

The Fire TV Cube is available in the US today for $140. The remote costs $35. At this stage, we have no information on availability in France.

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