Government plan to boost nuclear power

Government plan to boost nuclear power
Emmanuel Macron outlined the government’s nuclear ambitions in Saint-Nazaire on Thursday. Stephen Mahe/AFP

INFO LE FIGARO – His bill proposes a series of measures to start work on the first new generation EPR before the end of the five-year period.

It’s a legendary twist “At the same time” President, energy will be used. This Monday, the Bill for the Acceleration of Renewable Energies was presented to the Council of Ministers; On the same day, the Govt National Council on Environmental Change (CNTE) its bill for the acceleration of nuclear energy, which Le Figaro I was able to consult. According to a source close to the file, the purpose of the text is to shorten the administrative deadline for laying the foundation stone of the first EPR 2 before the end of the five-year term.

After delaying much of his first five-year term on nuclear power, Emmanuel Macron announced a series of 6 EPRs and eight options from EDF in his Belfort speech on energy in February. Electrician aims to enter the service of the first of them by 2035.

The right-wing has been criticized for its emphasis on wind and solar power this new school year, so the administration is also stepping up to the plate.

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