Arian Daguin, Culinary Conquest of the West

Arian Daguin, Culinary Conquest of the West

Americans have discovered foie gras — cautiously at first — free-range chicken and game meat, and won’t let go of this weird French lady who’s been saving their taste buds from hamburger-soda for 37 years.

Life across the Atlantic will not be a long calm river, but Arion will cling firmly to his thread to fight it out. Following a dispute with his partner, he buys out his shares to become the sole owner of d’Artagnan and braves anti-forage, anti-meat, anti-everything and municipal ordinances banning the marketing of foie. Cross in Chicago or New York.

Today, who maintains a strong relationship with his own gers, he has sold his business and the notoriety that came with it to a food group called “Fortune International”. It processes and distributes seafood, meat and groceries.

On French Morning, the leading information site for French people in America, he says he wants to be more involved in the “All One One All” (AOOA) farm, which in good French is “all for one, one for all”. (Does that remind you of anything?) of the D’Artagnan Farms Foundation, an hour north of New York.

A regenerative and educational farm that promotes permaculture, agroforestry and local food culture, led by his daughter Alix Daguin…

Son like father.

Marielle Fourcade

Check out the “d’Artagnan” website

Check out the “All One, One All” website

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