Early arrival of winter and snow on mountains for next few days

Early arrival of winter and snow on mountains for next few days

A current from the north, passing between an Atlantic anticyclone and a broad low pressure system over central Europe, will fall over France from Monday and continue until next Thursday. These moisture-rich ocean polar winds bring snow to the mountains, sometimes from 1300 meters.

A good chance of snow Monday evening through Tuesday

Heavy snowfall above 2400m in the central and northern Alps during the night from Saturday to Sunday and during the day on Sunday. Rain/snow threshold may drop to 2100 meters Sunday afternoon. The thickness of fresh snow is 20 cm around 2600 meters.

Snow showers will be expected overnight Monday through Tuesday and throughout the day Tuesday. Heavy snowfall is expected, with gusty winds at higher elevations. These will be The first snowfall this autumn will be in the Northern Alps above 2000m. Inland, an additional 40 cm of snow is expected at 2600 meters, and 10 to 20 cm is expected around 1800 meters above sea level in Savoie, Haute-Savoie and northern Isère, with the rain/snow range falling to 1300 meters.

The first flakes of autumn will fall above 2300 meters on Monday evening, then on Tuesday at 1800 meters, the Pyrenees will also see a layer that can reach 20 cm above the ground at 2600 meters above sea level.

In the Massif Central and Jura, there will be snow above 1700 meters on Tuesday. Only the highest peaks in Jura, Kandal and Shanxi will qualify for the first snowfall of the season (5 to 10 cm may be reached before the layer temporarily melts. Afternoon).

In the Vosges, a little spray can concern the Vosges balloons.

Credit: Weather Channel

Fresh snow Wednesday through Friday

A cold and moist north-northwesterly flow will follow a succession of other disturbances until next Friday, so expect fresh snowfall above 2000m on average. Through the orographic blocking effect, snow depth becomes significant during the season above 2500 m north of the Alps and Central Pyrenees. Inland, the layer can reach 1 meter around 2600 meters. These are significant snow depths for the season

Noticeably cold in the mountains

It will be very cold in the mountains throughout the week. In the alpine resort of Tignes (73) at 2100 meters above sea level, snow is predicted in the morning. By late afternoon, it may not thaw throughout Tuesday and next Wednesday, which could help keep the white coat on station for a few days.

Credit: Weather Channel

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