Pixel Tablet: Google’s tablet is rolling out gradually

Pixel Tablet: Google's tablet is rolling out gradually

Google has been working on a tablet called the Pixel Tablet for some time, which is supposed to join the Pixel line of smartphones and headphones. We were able to briefly spot it during the last Google I/O.

Polish developer Kuba Wojciechowski Collaborated with the site 91 mobiles To reveal the first characteristics of its technical sheet.

tensor in constraints

We found that the Pixel tablet might be equipped with a Google Tensor SoC, this particular one Pixel 6 And 6 Pro. According to the site, however, this will not be the planned second generation For Pixel 7.

However, if this is true, this should not be a problem. In fact, Google Tensor shows excellent performance that will ensure a smooth multitasking and gaming experience. The chip in question will be supported by 128/256 GB of storage and compatible with Wi-Fi 6.

In terms of display, this Pixel tablet will have a 10.95-inch panel. However, it is not mentioned whether it will be an Oled or LCD screen. It especially depends on its payment location. If Google decides to position it in the mid-range, it might prefer LCD technology.

Back photo?

As for photography, the tablet will use the same sensor on the front and back. But no further details are currently available. Focusing on photography may not be the same as it is on smartphones. So the chosen hardware is unlikely to be equivalent to Pixel 6 or 7.

The site mentions that the tablet has already entered the verification phase. So the rest of the information should be readily available. This may allow Mountain View to raise the curtain on the “Pro” version. 9to5Google.

It will be a well-equipped model that will not clash with other products in the Pixel range. However, Google will wait to see if the Standard Model piques interest.

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