Aspen Bitcoin: Amazon Appointed by ECB to Create Digital Euro

Aspen Bitcoin: Amazon Appointed by ECB to Create Digital Euro

The ECB has now revealed the group of actors it is readying to implement the first iteration of the future “digital euro” or e-euro. If the presence of a Spanish bank or Italian Nexi doesn’t surprise the audience, it’s hard to say the same when it comes to the surprising presence of American giant Amazon.

Future Digital Euro Ordered on Amazon

It is an announcement that has the effect of a small bombshell and its implications may go beyond simple technical or economic perimeters.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has actually been to open 5 Strategic partners have a heavy and historic task to propose First Prototype of Digital Euro.

Also, in a European territory full of skills and initiatives in the economy and fintech sectors, however Amazon is giant In these 5 actors we see a grouping around an initiative to profoundly reshape the economic and monetary face of the Old World.

An actor Personal, purely commercial in nature, and American So. 3 traits that we humbly qualify as amazing from a stock perspective – including geopolitics and sovereignty – Carried away by the implementation of anything less than a unified European electronic currency, often associated with non-sensitive subjects such as personal data and digital identity…

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Is e-Euro faster than Amazon Prime delivery?

According to the terms of the press release, Amazon will handle e-payments. On his side, the Spanish bank was chosen CaixaBank It will be responsible for online peer-to-peer payments for mobile applications, and the French multinational World taxResponsible for offline version.

Finally, Italian Nexi Responsible for points of sale like company European payments initiative31 Group of Banks and Credit Institutions.

The ECB appears to have to act soon, as it recently hinted at a digital euro Not expected until 2026.

“The five selected vendors best match the “specific capabilities” required for the assigned use case. The ECB appreciates the great interest shown in the prototyping exercise. The prototyping exercise is an important part of the current two-year investigation phase of the Digital Euro project. It is expected to conclude in the first quarter of 2023, when the ECB will present its Publish findings. »

ECB Press Release 16 September 2022

Can a global e-commerce company known for its speed of deliveries speed up the process? Most importantly, can you return the product in case of dissatisfaction? So many questions, so few answers, though one question remains: If you liked Bitcoin in El Salvador, would you like AmazonCoin at the corner bakery?

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