The Blue Origin rocket crashed shortly after liftoff

The Blue Origin rocket crashed shortly after liftoff

A video shows the unmanned capsule making a hard landing, but the rest of the rocket didn’t crash. There were no injuries.

A Blue Origin rocket launcher crashed shortly after liftoff in West Texas on Monday, Jeff Bezos’ company said, after the capsule managed to separate from the rest of the rocket. “Launcher malfunction during drone flight today”First the company announced, then said the capsule ejection system worked as expected. “There was no casualty“, the blue look clarified.

A video shows the capsule activating its emergency engines, ejecting from the main launcher at full speed, and then, complete with parachutes, making its hard landing a minute after liftoff. What happened to the launcher was not shown in the video, the company writes “fell to the ground”, whereas if successful it must rise slowly. The capsule, unmanned, “New Shepherd 23” carried only research equipment for this mission.

The US civil aviation regulator, the FAA, has announced that it has suspended further launches of the rocket while an investigation is underway. “The capsule landed safely and the launcher touched down in the danger zone.“The federal agency wrote. This is the company’s 23rd mission, the first to end in failure. It’s a blow to the space tourism company led by Amazon’s founder.

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