An MRE wants to connect Brussels with Marrakech to save a sick sexologist

An MRE wants to connect Brussels with Marrakech to save a sick sexologist

Rachid, 52, a bus driver in Stip, “not very sporty” but a “strong adventurer” had set himself a big challenge during his “holiday”, connecting Brussels to Marrakech by bike in 27 days. Poor woman with ovarian cancer. “In all, we have to travel about 3,000 kilometers before reaching the small remote village of Zahra. In theory, I should be on my bike for 27 days,” he said Capital.

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His journey begins on September 15. “The goal of this bike ride from Brussels to Marrakech is to raise as much funds as possible to allow this woman to finally receive treatment. Zahra is 68 years old and has advanced ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, she has no way to take care of herself; she is not married, she has no children, and her brothers are not working. To reduce her terrible pain, she can only buy Dolibron, the equivalent of Dafalcon, which has less effect over time”, explains the fifty-year-old.

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Rashid does not know Zahra. Fouad, whom she met during a humanitarian trip – where she distributes children’s clothes she collects in Belgium – to small villages in Morocco – and who became her “true friend” who informed her of this woman’s case. . MRE feels invested with a mission. “If I wanted to do this bike ride, to mark this girl’s relationship, to tell her that she’s not alone in her fight, that she knows there’s someone fighting for her; I think it’s a great battle that can warm her heart, and at the same time, my mom would be proud of where she’s at.” ,” he said.

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To continue further: […] I didn’t dare tell Zahra, I lost my mother to the same cancer a few months ago. I have a very sad and bad memory. Here, my mother was lucky to receive treatment and she fought for two years, but, unfortunately, the conflict was in favor of the disease.

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