Interoception, the meaning of life

Interoception, the meaning of life

Sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste… but there is also a sixth sense: intuition. How did we find out?

Perception is not only directed towards the external world. When your heart skips a beat or you feel a knot in your stomach, you are exhibiting a skill called interoception. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are shaped, in part, by these internal signals from our bodies. A physiological self-awareness makes us “viscerally conscious” human beings.

Interoception: The meaning of life

We are happy to receive Catherine Tallon PatryNeuroscientist in the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory (Inserm/ENS/PSL) and CNRS 2021 Silver Medal and Henry EvradLaboratory researcher at the International Center for Primate Brain Research in Shanghai, the Max Planck Institute and the Werner Reichardt Center in Tübingen.

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meeting with Leanne Schmidt, an Inserm researcher at the Brain Institute, where he co-directs the “Cognitive Control – Interference – Attention” group. What links can be established between obesity and obesity? By Antoine Beauchamp:

Documentary sources

to find out Thread Show of the Day on La Science, CQFD’s Twitter feed.

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