Scam on Instagram: Beware of this new scam that will give you a certificate

Scam on Instagram: Beware of this new scam that will give you a certificate

Instagram is the subject of a phishing campaign targeting its French users.

Instagram users beware. Cybersecurity firm Wade has warned of a major phishing campaign targeting French users of the site since July, reports RTL. Alert sent by Numerama, Thursday 25th August.

“You deserve a certificate”

Almost 2,000 emails will be sent by the scammers, who will recreate the scene of the social network almost identically. The message is always the same: the target user is eligible to receive a certificate of their Instagram profile, which equates to success. To get it, just click on a link and provide information like name and details including identifiers and password. Capital.

Hackers can reuse this information to control victims’ Instagram accounts, spread other scams, access other online sites, or resell the stolen data files to other hackers to complete.

As a reminder and to avoid you falling into the trap, Instagram does not send emails to its users to provide account verification.

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