Against burnout, rethink your relationship to work

Against burnout, rethink your relationship to work

Psychology – To prevent the burnout syndrome, it is necessary to give back the personal and social spheres their rightful place.

For years, Corinne Le Bars enjoyed a honeymoon in her career and her relationship with her employer. Too invested in his role as a researcher in the humanities and social sciences, he finds himself one day at risk of being kicked out of a position he seems to have earned. The syndrome of occupational burnout or burnout is as follows. She accepts a layoff for disability to protect her health and gradually recovers from this ordeal, thanks in particular to the discussion sessions offered to seven women in the same situation organized by the Pension and Occupational Health Normandy. An experience that leads to a book Conquer your fatigue. Resistance stories (Ed. Érès), produced under his direction. The link between burnout and success is obviously a mockery. Because “It is not a state in which one person is responsible, and that is the tragedy, Philippe Zawieja, psychologist confirms…

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