Veolia is reviewing its internal procedures after releasing thousands of contact details

Veolia is reviewing its internal procedures after releasing thousands of contact details

Nearly 20,000 customers received an email with suggestions for coping with the drought, including personal data. The CNIL classified the incident as a “measured risk”.

French company the fence After thousands of releases finds itself in turmoil Information on its customers. The names, names, addresses, telephones, email addresses and contract numbers are contained in an email sent by the company on August 12 to 15,927 customers in the Saint-Lô department and 4,000 subscribers from Hudimesnil and Cérences (Manche). Due to the drought, this email suggests “Limit water use to essential needsand lists prohibited activities”Car wash“,”Filling private swimming pools” or “Water for vegetable gardens“. But at the end of the text there is an Excel file with the contact details of all the customers involved.

37-year-old Lucy is on the list. This administrative assistant tried to call customer service, but the pre-recorded message keeps looping. “Later in the evening, I received an email from Veolia’s consumer director, who referred to the “error for this unfortunate shipment” as not complying with the company’s obligations to customers or its privacy policy.” says Lucy. “This is not unfortunate, it is a serious violation“Gets angry at a reprimanding thirty-year-old.”Very impersonal responses from Veolia“.

Jackie Hebert, PresidentUFC – what to choose of the English channel, wonder how “Such an error may have occurred“And Worries”Personal data management by Veolia“. He is waiting for answers from the company, before, possibly, communication CNIL. The National Commission on Computing and Freedom classified the incident as “Measured risk“. may contain shared dataCreates a business campaignIf other companies have taken them.

For its part, Veolia concluded it was human error.Its internal procedures will be reviewed, as will training strengthened within the organization and nationally, so that this does not happen again.“. “A crisis unit has also been opened“and group”Will soon be sorting out exclusive communications related to business canvassing with good practices“. Veolia and her “Apologies to users“.

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