Cameron: Assumption celebrated in controversy

Cameron: Assumption celebrated in controversy

#In other countries : On Monday, August 15, faithful Roman Catholics celebrated the Ascension with pomp and pageantry. However, the ascension of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is denied by other Christian churches in the world.

The atmosphere was palpable in all the churches and other places of worship established in the country’s 10 regions. It is an opportunity for Catholics to strengthen their faith in God and especially in His Son Jesus. Masses were said, during which the faithful received the sacrament of baptism, others made their first communion, and still others were ordained to evangelize.

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But did the Virgin Mary really ascend into heaven? All Catholics in Cameroon know that they are not, and they know that this is a very simplistic theory. According to them, Jesus had to admit that he could not leave his mother among men and ascend to heaven. But the celebration prompts believers of other Christian churches to say that Roman Catholics are straying from Holy Scripture to accommodate personal feelings. Anyway, the Assumption is celebrated every August 15.

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