A shower of shooting stars is expected the next night

A shower of shooting stars is expected the next night

After Perseids on August 12-13, astronomers have a new encounter the next night with the shooting stars of Gappa-Sygnites. Unlike last week, three to four stars were seen per hour.

August is full of astronomical events. While shooting stars PerseidsActive from late July to late August, peaking on the night of 12th to 13th August, amateurStars Make an appointment with another event in the same fashion the next night. These are the shooting stars of Kappa-Sygnitz.

“It is a cluster of stars coming into view Cygnus constellation and around it, hence the name Kappa-Sychnites. This will create shooting stars like the Perseids,” points out CNEWS Gilles Davidovich, vice-president of the French Astronomical Society (SAF).

Unlike the Perseids, which can see 100 to 200 shooting stars per hour from midnight to dawn, the kappa-cygnites are distinguished by their low activity.

“Talking about a very weak activity, there won’t be many shooting stars, maybe, three or four per hour (…) We don’t know this meteorite very well, it doesn’t exist. ‘Not much studied in history’,” explains Gilles Davidovich.

A peak is expected by the end of the night

To properly observe the shooting stars of Kappa-Cygnites, “you need to look as far away as possible from the parasitic lights of cities or factories, toward the constellation Cygnus,” also known as the Northern Cross.

“Climax at the end of the night. Early morning time. You can observe shooting stars from midnight to 5 am as soon as it gets dark,” says the vice-president of the Astronomical Society of France (SAF).

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