The future of the sun: Earth will be uninhabitable…

The future of the sun: Earth will be uninhabitable…

The future is clear

Scientists have observed thousands of stars in our galaxy to unravel the mystery of the Sun’s future. It will enter an expansion phase, but we don’t know for how long. This phenomenon is not good for our planet, as the Sun will be uninhabitable long before it reaches its maximum temperature.


life cycle

Like all living things, stars have a life cycle. Fortunately, they live a long time. In fact, a medium-sized star like the Sun can provide energy for billions of years. In fact, their lifespan depends on their mass. The largest die off after a few hundred million years. In contrast, the youngest stars can live up to 50 billion years.


This scenario will leave you dissatisfied. However, this is consistent with reality. According to scientists, our star will turn into a red giant in five to seven billion years. In a billion years, the oceans will evaporate and the Earth will become a dry desert. Life as we know it will be completely destroyed.

Source: ESA

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